Cornwall Food Guide

If you haven’t been already, Cornwall is a must visit! It has so many beautiful sites and the food is amazing. One thing that really surprised me is the number of restaurants/cafes that had numerous gluten free options. Every place I ate at were so helpful in regards to accommodating for intolerances – I think it helps that everything is cooked from fresh.

I’ve put together a little foodie guide of the places I visited, and some I couldn’t but look just as fab! Enjoy 😊



I stayed in Penzance in a family run B&B called Chiverton House, it’s around a 15 minute walk into Penzance town and close to the harbour. The B&B offer a lovely breakfast (I had fresh fruit and yoghurt every morning which I loved), and if you tell them you’re gluten free they are happy to provide gluten free bread/cereal.

The Honey Pot Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch

A small café serving homemade food, cakes, cream teas and coffee’s. I was desperate to eat here as the food all looks so fab, however unfortunately at the time they were shut due to covid Pings!. They offer a large variety of gluten free and vegan options, including an extensive menu for coffee’s (I wanted to try the turmeric latte, maybe next time!).

Frasers Fish & Chips

Fraser’s fish & chips was a short walk from my B&B. They have a separate fryer and are Coeliac UK accredited.

Mackerel Sky Seafood Bar Lunch/Dinner

Another short walk from my B&B was one of the best restaurants I have ever visited. I can see why it boasts a 5 star on Tripadvisor!

It’s a small seafood bar that offers seating inside and out, you can’t book so I advise arriving no later than 6pm to avoid queuing for too long. All dishes are cooked from fresh and are utterly amazing. They offer gluten/dairy free options. I can tolerate a certain amount of gluten so I didn’t ask for gluten free, but advised of my onion intolerance – which they were able to cater to with no issues.

For me this is a must, we actually ended up visiting here twice on our stay.

The prices are so reasonable, and they don’t add any service charge onto their bill!.

Blacks of Chapel Street Lunch/Dinner

A cute restaurant on Chapel Street which has numerous micro pubs nearby.

The only restaurant we dined at for dinner which wasn’t small plates! The food yet again was all so fresh and very tasty, the staff were also fab with catering to my intolerances. Another restaurant that also didn’t add service charge to the bill.

My only downfall was that I wanted more! The portions were reasonably sized, but a little too small for me (I like my food ok!) The menu a little on the spenny side, however the food was so fresh that it’s the prices I would expect to pay.  

St Ives

Mermaid of ZennoIce Cream

The best ice  I have ever tasted, offering gluten free cones and plenty of yummy flavours. I opted for a scoop of espresso martini and a scoop of cherry almond (this was my fav flavour). It’s a shame I only found this place on the last day, as I definitely would have been here everyday to try all the flavours!

Mor Beach Café

Easy to find on the harbourfront of St Ives Mor Beach Café offers fresh wraps, pizzas, salads, jacket potatoes, coffee, cocktails and more.

I opted for a salad box with all the trimmings and crayfish as my source of protein. One thing I loved was the fact that the owner hates onion, and therefore doesn’t use it any of the salad sides, which meant I could eat the coleslaw and potato salad, yay! The salad was really fresh and tasted yum!

The Searoom Lunch/Dinner

Located on the seafront in St Ives The Searoom is a beautiful place to dine, offering both indoor and outdoor seating.

Another restaurant offering a large selection of small plates, which I can confirm were all SO delicious. The staff were so friendly, and yet again as everything is made fresh they were so accommodating in regards to my foodie intolerances. One thing I loved about this menu is the variety, they offered both fish and meat, along with a selection of veggies and carbs.

For me this restaurant was on par with Mackerel Sky Seafood Bar, it’s also in a beautiful location and has cosy indoor seating. Definitely one to visit.


PhilpsCornish Pasties

Hayle is one of the locations where you can buy Philps famous pastries! I’ve been visiting Philps since I was a child with my family, and I can confirm it is still as amazing now as it was back then.. it’s the only place I would purchase a Cornish pastie from!

They sell 3 different gluten free pasty’s, steak, cheese and veg, veg. They require an hour notice on all gluten free hot pasties, alternatively you can buy them frozen.

Overall Cornwall is such a beautiful place, and definitely one for all us foodies!

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