Tofu veggie noodles

I’ve slowly started eating less and less meat, and have definitely become to enjoy veggie dishes a lot more than I used to.

With the colder months setting in, and it near on impossible to find fodmap friendly suitable soups/broths I decided it was time I made one of my own!

This dish is so versatile and you can definitely add in any veggies you have spare! Or any protein you fancy. You can also make it so it has more of a kick ( I LOVE a slight kick, but can’t deal with too much heat!) so this recipe is perfect for my tastebuds.

As always my recipe is easy to follow and doesn’t require too many ingredients πŸ™‚

I made this to serve 1, however it can be easily amended to serve more.



  1. Start by draining and pressing your tofu as per instructions – once complete fry as per packet
  2. Heat your garlic infused oil, once hot add your ginger, chilli flakes and carrot – cook until fragrant
  3. Add your stock, soy and oyster sauce. Bring to the boil and leave for 3 minutes
  4. Use a separate saucepan to boil more water for your spring greens
  5. Once your 3 minutes is up, add your rice noodles. In your separate saucepan add your spring greens. Boil both for 4 minutes (or until both your noodles & spring greens are cooked)
  6. Plate up your food, add your fried tofu
  7. Garnish with fresh coriander, extra chilli flakes (if you like more of a kick!) & a drizzle of soy sauce

Enjoy & please tag me if you make this one @fitnessfodmap_ would love to know what you think πŸ™‚

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