London Brunch

The weekend isn’t a weekend without a good brunch, who’s with me? Obviously fodmap can make it a lot more difficult (to say the least) and the brunch that you should be looking forward to can turn into a nightmare!

To try and make it a little easier I’ve put together some of my top London brunches (and added a few dinner options).

Now please bear in mind I’m not on the restriction phase no more, and I always find if you are on phase 1, eating out isn’t always best (no matter how much research you do, you will never know every ingredient in the dishes prepared for you).

So here’s my top gluten free/fodmap places to visit;

Eat n Mess, Broadway Market – My fav stall at Broadway Market with the most amazing cake selection! Gluten free & a lot of dairy free options. The other thing I love? The owners! They’re so lovely, and 100% know their stuff. I’ve spent many of times with the staff at the stall going through each one of the ingredients for me.

The Bach, Broadway Market & Hoxton – I’ve been to both locations, but my fav is defo the one at Broadway Market. Yes, it is a lot smaller than the one at Hoxton, but I also thought the service was a lot better, plus paired with Eat n Mess for a stop off after you just can’t go wrong!

Their menu is driven by their own personal experience of food intolerances. They state that they’re very aware of allergies, and are committed to giving more variety to people with gluten, dairy and wheat tolerances and Paleo, vegan and vegetarian diets.

I’ve ordered the eggs both times now, poached and scrambled – both with chilli! (yes I LOVE my eggs, which I’m sure you know if you’ve followed me for a while now). Other dishes on the menu include gf French toast (yum), corn fritters & burgers!

I also love the coffee’s here, brunch is not the same for me without my cappuccino and luckily they offer all the alternative milks, winning!


Yummzy, Greenwich – All about gluten free, low carb, sugar free, high protein AND vegan desserts (now that’s a mouthful). I love the knowledge the staff have here, they know their products inside out, and they’re definitely a winner for me. They don’t use a lot of ingredients, which makes it a lot easier for us fodmap foodies!

L’eto Caffe, Soho – I could rave about these pancakes ALL day long, the flavours were unreal! Buckwheat pancakes are definitely my thing, and these are the best I’ve tasted. Gluten & dairy free, worried about the other ingredients? The staff member was good enough to go through each one with me, amending any I couldn’t have (agave syrup to name one). When staff know their stuff it makes such a difference to my experience. They also advised me that they make their own GF bread, so yes I will be returning to give this a try! As well as the gf options on the menu, plus they have some gf cakes to chose from on show.

Oh, and did I mention the drinks? Probably the most instagrammable drinks I’ve ever seen!

Sticks N Sushi, Covent Garden – I LOVE sushi, and I LOVE this place! I always call beforehand to make them aware of the ingredients I can’t have, and they have always been able to cater for me. It’s probably one of the few places I can go to for brunch/dinner and know I can relax and enjoy my experience. An alternative soy to ensure no gluten (you can’t have sushi without the soy lets be honest!) and the best food options. An amazing place for a cute brunch or dinner, if you’re after something a little more fancy? Date night? This is 100% a good option! They also have a few other locations, so if Covent Garden isn’t close make sure you check out some of the others (The Covent Garden branch is just one of my favs).


Rosa’s Thai Café, numerous locations – First thing to spring to mind? Flavours, flavours, FLAVOURS. When I got invited to try Rosa’s Thai café I honestly thought, they must be kidding? No garlic, onion or gluten for a Thai restaurant? But, I was wrong, they delivered! And wow, was it good! To start they have a separate gluten free menu, I also had one of the staff go through the dishes with me as to what was suitable (absolutely love this!). The majority of the gluten free dishes can be amended to omit both onion and gluten, YAY. They also have a full allergen menu listing all the ingredients if there was any specific you wanted to double check.

Top Tip – If you ever go you HAVE to order the chicken satay with the peanut sauce. I could literally drink this sauce! Safe to say it was AMAZING.

One thing I love about Rosa’s Thai? It’s so nice to be able to visit a chain restaurant for lunch or dinner, it definitely doesn’t happen a lot!

Arepa & Co, Bethnal Green – A cute spot tucked away in Bethnal Green, they can also be found in Haggerston selling mainly gluten free dishes.

I found the restaurant a little more difficult with my diet restrictions, however their Brunch menu I found was more suitable. With a few amendments I opted for the cachapa salmon, a corn pancake topped with a soft boiled egg, smoked salmon, avocado and caviar (fancy!). I have to comment on how BEA-utiful the dishes look! Top presentation here! I absolutely loved the toppings, however the cachapa itself was a little too sweet for me (I’m more of a savoury girl). In saying that I will definitely be returning to try an Arepa, as I’ve heard these are more savour, plus they look absolutely delish!

I hope you find some of the above useful. I know how scary it can be eating out when following such a restrictive diet, but I definitely think if we all share some of our knowledge and experiences, it can be done, and most off all be an enjoyable experience.

I would absolutely love to hear if you give any of the places I’ve mentioned a go, and most of all do you have any recommendations for me? If so, please let me know in the comments

Katrina x

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