Gluten Free Paris πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

It’s my mums 60th birthday end of July 😯 so as a surprise I booked Paris for the night at the beginning of July.

I’m lucky to be really close to Ebbsfleet station, so I booked the Eurostar from there (watch dates as you can get really good deals!). I then booked our accommodation through

We stayed at Europe Hotel Paris Eiffel which is a short 15 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower & right next to one of the metro stations, so for us it was perfect.

As we only had one night I had planned an itinerary for us so we could make the most of our stay. First on the list was Notre Dame Cathedral, I had already done a bit of research beforehand & found out there was a place called Yummy & Guiltfree close to the Cathedral. They’re completely gluten free so of course that was my first food stop

I’ve never had gluten free waffles before 😯 so these were a big treat! I chose the savoury toppings & went with ham & wholegrain mustard.. YUM πŸ˜‹

They also have a sweet menu that looked SO good!

Later on in the day we visited the Champs Elyse, unfortunately I really struggled to find food suitable for me here & the hangry Katrina started to come out πŸ™ˆ after a few strops & from the help of my good friend Google we managed to find an M&S food, I know who would have thought it right? I was plane Jane & bought some chicken & suitable crisps to tide me over, thank you M&S!

Dinner was somewhere I had researched beforehand, I wanted something a little more ‘special’ & that could of course cater for me (which being lowfodmap isn’t easy) I found a restaurant called ‘HEBE‘ via tripadvisor.

It had really good reviews & wasn’t too far from our hotel (metro accessible). I messaged the restaurant beforehand & asked if they could cater for both a gluten & onion intolerance. They came back to say YES so of course I booked πŸ–Š

The staff were really lovely & the waiter came over with my options for both gluten & onion free

I really appreciated this, it made me feel a lot more comfortable especially when in another country where there is a language barrier.

Before the starters came out they put bread down on the table, I was starving & so disappointed to hear they didn’t have any gluten free bread. They also bought out a complimentary small dish, which again wasn’t suitable for me.

Starters we both got the ‘Peas vegan’ dish, it was nice but I wasn’t blown away. Especially for €13 for the one dish

Mains again we both got the same, Seabass which we also ordered a side of potatoes. Again the dish was nice but VERY small and around €31 each which I found very expensive for what it was. I think the potatoes were my fav, luckily you got a lot of them πŸ™ˆ

Dessert sorry to disappoint, however as both starters & main was a little ‘overrated’ and very pricey we both decided to pass!


I LOVE foreign supermarkets, they never seem to disappoint & Paris definitely didn’t either. They cater for a lot of diets & luckily gluten free was one of them! Here are a few products I found;

Breakfast in Paris I feel is quite a struggle! Most places you walk past sell your basic ‘croissant & orange juice’ NOT helpful when you’re gluten free.

However, I was lucky enough to come across a cafe called Kozy that was a 10 minute walk from our hotel & 5 minutes from the Eiffel Tower. This was probably my fav meal whilst in Paris!

The staff were so clued up and spoke me through the menu, not only do they offer gluten free but they also have ALL the alternative dairy free milks, so of course I was SO excited to order my coffee! β˜•οΈ

I’ve NEVER had gluten free pancakes out (a lot of firsts for me) one of the breakfast options from Kozy was buckwheat pancakes πŸ₯ž which I opted for. Safe to say they DID NOT scrimp on the toppings! I had PLENTY of salmon, topped with two poached eggs 🍳 chives & a side of salad drizzled with balsamic

I could eat this EVERYDAY, i absolutely loved the savoury pancake it all went really well together

Mum was also happy as she got the pancakes she had been craving, YAY

Overall I really enjoyed Paris.

If eating out I would definitely do some research beforehand as a lot of restaurants I came across didn’t cater for gluten free.

Supermarkets however have some really good gluten free finds, which I always get so excited about πŸ™ˆ

Paris, I’ll be back!

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