Gluten Free Sevilla ☀️

I have one word for Seville, AMAZING!

From the scenery, to the sights, to the weather, to the food, Seville really does have it ALL

Before I left I actually didn’t do a lot of research on how good/bad they are with dietary requirements (very unlike me) BUT when I arrived I was SO surprised

I went for a short 3 night trip beginning on the 6th June. Just to give you a heads up I wouldn’t go any later as it was HOT & getting hotter EVERY day.

We stayed at the H10 Corregidor hotel which I would 100% recommend! The hotel is beautiful, the breakfast is AMAZING & the location was perfect for us (me & my partner) oh and the price was SO reasonable 💰


We had breakfast included to which the hotel caters for gluten free YAY 🍞

The gluten free is shown as a separate section, including cookies 🍪 (by the way UNREAL) muffins, fresh bread which the waiter would bring to me freshly toasted & a WHOLE range of gluten free selection. As well as this they had a massive variety of meats, fruit, cooked breakfast, yogurt etc 🍳

We managed to walk EVERYWHERE in Seville, to which we stacked up an impressive (if I do say so myself) 87,700 steps, therefore all of the places I’ve listed below are within walking distance if you were to stay in the centre of Seville.

Where To Eat;

Giolatto 🍦

The most AMAZING gluten free ice cream & YES in a gluten free ice cream cone 🍦 

They have the gluten free ice creams separate to the rest & also have the gluten free cones wrapped separately which I absolutely loved! 

I opted for the vanilla with choc chips 🍫 PERFECT for the 32• heat that day 

Bar Alfalfa 🍷

I honestly don’t think I will EVER stop raving about this Spanish tapas bar. We ate here TWICE because it was SO good. 
The menu is coded for gluten free, vegan & vegetarian 🌱 

I spoke to the waiter about having an intolerance to both gluten & onion & he was AMAZING. He made sure it was only him who took my orders & went through everything I could eat.
I didn’t think this would happen in Seville, but for the first time me & Tom were able to sit down for dinner and eat the SAME food 🥘 I was SO grateful & it made my experience SO enjoyable & to top it off the food was UNREAL

The price of the food was also ridiculously cheap, most of the dishes were around €3 💶

Taberna Belmonte

Found in the streets of Santa Cruz we stopped off for lunch on our walk back to the hotel.
The waiter went through my options for both gluten free & onion. It’s the ONLY place I’ve come across that was able to offer me a Spanish omelette WITHOUT containing onions 😍 so OBVIOUSLY I had to go for this! I also went for the fried aubergine 🍆 both containing salmorejo sauce 🍅
BOTH of the dishes were unbelievably TASTY, I can’t actually decided which one I prefer 😋

Crunch Cereal Cafe 🥣

ANYONE who knows me knows I have an INSANE obsessive love for CEREAL 🙈 
So can you believe my face when I found a CEREAL CAFE within a 10 second walk of my hotel! 
Not only did they have the BEST gluten free cereal, they also served every type of milk 🥛 
My FAV ones I had were the Chex cinnamon & of course lucky charms, neither of which I had tried before 😮

Dulce Trazo 🍰

I came across this little gem by chance, they serve gluten & dairy free cakes 🍰 There was a HUGE selection! However the ones that caught my eye was the MASSIVE lemon cake 🍋 &The brownie CHEESECAKE 🍫

Supermarkets 🛒

The supermarkets are scattered ALL over & they all had a large selection of gluten free/dairy free options. Including products from Schar & Rude Health 

Here are a few products that caught my eye;

 With regards to ALCOHOL all of the bars I visited had a selection of gluten free beer 🍺 which they all made me aware of when asking for the ‘sin gluten’ menu 🍴

Food Markets

So, I found the food markets a bit of a struggle! The reason why is due to the majority of the foods being pre made, and therefore hardly nothing can be made fresh and adapted. In saying that I did get lucky with one food market ‘Feria Market’, which is a short walk from my hotel. They do a deal where you can spend 5 euros, have a beer and dish of your choice 🍺

One of the stalls I could chose from was fresh fish! So I was a very happy girl with my fresh tuna steak that was cooked in front of me. Unfortunately I couldn’t have potatoes as they are fried, so I opted for the side salad

Another thing to add is we came across so many VEGAN restaurants & options! Which again I was so surprised with 🌱 there was also a majority of little ‘health shops’ selling kombucha (one being opposite our hotel) WINNING 😍

Here’s an example of one of the vegan, including options for gluten free! restaurants I came across. Ironically called ‘Veganitessen’
Overall, I am so so impressed with Seville and would recommend to anyone!
Please let me know if you have any recommendations for city breaks as I’m on the search for ‘where to next’!

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