Following on from my Instagram vote it seemed a lot of you was interested in what I cooked for my dinner party (this makes me really happy as I bloody love hosting! 🙈)

So first of all..
Top thing on my list when planning my dinner party is what can I cook that allows me and my guests to eat the same foods, even if mine is tweaked slightly. As we all know how challenging fodmap is at the best of times!

I usually pick my protein that I want to work with I.e. fish/chicken/beef and then search for recipes online from there. I admit as I want my house to be spotless, and I always prepare 3 courses I try to chose dishes that can be cooked in advance.

I also take into count how heavy my main is and then base my starter/dessert around that.

I was cooking for Toms mum and partner, and I know she loves Spanish, so this is the theme I went for! Luckily my brothers girlfriend is Spanish, and an amazing cook (I always worry when thinking about cooking for her as I want to live up to her standards 🙈)

So this is what I decided on;

My main dish I went for was bruschetta, I made mine with mixed tomatoes, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt & some crunchy fresh bread 🥖
This was perfect as I made it in the morning and let it marinate throughout the day.
I used the GF bread from Beyond Bread for me, and picked up a loaf from Sainsbury’s for everyone else (I don’t like sharing my GF bread as it’s so bloody expensive 😂)
When the bread was ready to grill I rubbed theirs with fresh garlic & added the topping. Therefore allowing mine not to have any on it, and be completely fodmap friendly!

I also bought a cheese board from Lidl, it was so cute! And some red grapes to go with it.
I then opted for some fresh meat to lay out with the other food 🍖

I was lucky enough to be provided with a recipe from my brothers girlfriend, it always goes down a treat so I thought this would be perfect! The dish is called Pollo al Chilindron (fancy right? 😏)

It’s a one pot dish consisting off chicken, peppers, garlic, onion, fresh tomatoes, spicy and sweet paprika, white wine, bay leaves and rice to serve 🍚

Luckily if cooked the day before it has more flavour, which is perfect for me as it mean less work on the day!
I’m ok with some garlic, however I still made mine separately as I can’t touch onion (I used leeks as an alternative as I’m ok with these)
No one had a clue mine was slightly different and the dishes looked exactly the same, which is what I always go for!
I was so happy when the plates had been cleared (It definitely makes me happy when all my food gets enjoyed ☺️)

The main was quite filling so I wanted something a little lighter for dessert, plus I was being partly lazy and couldn’t be bothered to make a cake 🙄
I opted for a lemon curd and yogurt fool (which I took from BBC Good Food) with some shortbread on the side.
I couldn’t eat this because of the lemon curd, however I made myself a yogurt pot which looked exactly the same so you couldn’t even tell! ☺️
This was one of the easiest things I’ve ever put together! And again was made in advance, it got good reviews from my guests and was minimal effort from myself, winning 🙌🏻


We then got out the Limoncello 🍋 – everyone’s loves this right? And it’s a great way to finish the meal! Safe to say the whole bottle got consumed 😬🙄

With regards to nibbles, yes more food! My top options are popchips (salt & vinegar) peanuts, chocolates from the Christmas tins, and I also had the cheese board that went with starters to be nibbled at the whole night 🧀

Voila 😋

I would love to hear your top dinner party options?

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