One of my biggest obstacles since doing lowfodmap is eating out.

The stress of knowing there’s a million and 1 ingredients/foods that you can’t eat and it feeling almost impossible for any restaurant to cater for you, especially with the likes of no onion/garlic powder!
I always say to the restaurant that I can’t have gluten, onion or garlic as I feel these are the main foods that are harder to avoid. I then work around the other foods, however there are always secret ingredients hidden and I always leave with the same old symptoms 😞
I’ve been super strict with fodmap especially lately as I’ve been reintroducing foods back into my diet and I want to make sure that I’m doing it correctly!

So last weekend when I took my mum out for lunch I wanted to make sure (the best I can) that the restaurant I chose could cater for me.
I wanted somewhere a little fancy, not too pricey, with a pretty setting (I know, I don’t want much right!)
I came across Petersham nurseries in Covent Garden, it’s absolutely gorgeous inside and out, and has dining alfresco in a restaurant called La Goccia. It’s an Italian that are all small plates.
I called the restaurant to explain about my intolerances and mentioned the no onion/garlic powder, I thought that being an Italian no way would I be able to eat here. Or I would get the same old, ‘yes it’s fine’ and then leave the restaurant in agony.
They advised they could cater to me so I took a chance and booked!
When me and my mum turned up, she loved the place it has the cutest setting and we had the nicest of days to go with it! We got the menu and I explained to the waiter of my intolerances. I was a little worried as there was more than one waiter serving, and the chances of everyone knowing about my intolerances would be very slim!
Well, I was wrong! Every waiter that took any of my orders knew of all of my intolerances, I couldn’t be more relieved, they amended every dish to suit me and the food was amazing!
For the first time I felt completely relaxed and left the restaurant with the same flat stomach that I went in with (this never, ever happens)

Here are some of my dishes that I ordered;

  • Bruschetta (which was made with no garlic!) 🍅IMG_3073
  • Potato, rosemary, garlic al forno (don’t especially with no garlic) 🥔IMG_3081
  • Smoked gurnard, quinoa, amalfi lemon, tomatoes garden herbs (this was my favourite dish!) 🐟 IMG_3074
  • Salt baked pollock, lemon, garden herbs 🍋 IMG_3083
  • Melon, Prosciutto, basil 🌿 IMG_3087

I can honestly say this was one of the best places I have visited, for both the food, scenery and the wonderful staff for their customer service.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, but especially someone following the lowfodmap diet

I would love to hear of any amazing restaurant experiences you’ve had that have catered for intolerances. Please comment below 👇🏻

Restaurant Website

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  1. All the plates are so beautiful as well! Yummm

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