One of my biggest anxieties is when I hear ‘let’s go out to eat’ or ‘come to mine for dinner’. A million and one things run through my head at once;

What will I eat? I’m going to look so fussy, which can come across as rude. Will they get frustrated? Do I not make a fuss and just go along with it? What if there’s nothing on the menu for me? What if I get embarassing symptoms round their house? The list goes on…

Since having my own house, I find it a lot easier to do the hosting myself. I actually enjoy hosting, I love having my family and friends round and to top it off I know exactly then what I’m eating!

I am a big foodie, and I love trying new recipes! It’s also important to me that when I have people over they enjoy my food! When you’ve ‘slaved’ away all the day the last thing you want is for you food not to be enjoyed/eaten! Luckily for me I haven’t seemed to have this problem (as of yet anyway! 😬)

So where to start? I always like to cook my guests the same as what I’m having, even if the ingredients/herbs are slightly different I like to know that what I’m serving is more or less the same. This can make it tough as Lowfodmap is so restricting! But I’m slowly learning to get around this, whether it means my dish won’t have a certain sauce, or ingredient I’ve seemed to manage so far 😊

The majority of my recipes I get from online, and then tweak to suit my diet. This might mean using two/three recipes seeing what ingredients go together and making it up from there! Depending who I have round, to help narrow it down I will decide before I search for my recipe what protein I want to use I.e fish/beef/chicken, this then helps me not to spend endless hours searching through every single recipe! I like one pots as I find you can more or less make them the day before saving you stress and time on the day! It also means you could make your guests the one from following the online recipe, and make yours in a separate dish!

Some of my favourite side dishes are roasted potatoes, mash (can also be made ahead and yours can be dairy free), fodmap friendly veggies I.e carrots, green beans (in moderation).

My side dishes also help me when choosing my main dish.

I have listed some of my main dish/snacks recipes I have already made for dinner parties below πŸ‘‡πŸ»

  • Braised beef in red wine sauce, with mash and lowfodmap veggies πŸ…
  • Roasted aubergine stew with mint & coriander (vegetarian)
  • Lamb kofte, tzatziki (fodmap friendly), tomato and cucumber salad, gf pitta breads
  • Chicken in red wine with mash and veggies
  • Beef in red with with carrots, oyster mushrooms and basmati rice
  • One pot fish with black olives & spicy tomatoes
  • Salmon & potato soup
  • Smoked salmon pate

Snacks for the table;

  • Popchips, salt and vinegar (my fav)
  • Salty Nuts
  • Prawn Crackers
  • Free From Cheese Crackers (can find these in Asda)
  • Balsamic Vinegar/Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gluten Free Warm Bread
  • Olives

Overall, dinner parties definitely don’t need to be stressful or tasteless! I think you may even win people over with how surprised they are with the flavours, knowing there’s some main staple ingredients not being used 😏

I would love to hear your favourite go to dinner party dishes! 🍽

Baby Aubergine Stew (as mentioned above)
Home Made Tzatziki Cucumber & Tomato Salad
Lowfodmap Chocolate PB Brownies

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