1E08B29B-8DD1-403B-A4F9-2C3058C14DF6.jpegIf there’s one bit of advice I could give anyone starting, or already on the lowfodmap diet it would be to download the foodmaestro app created by King’s College London, Guy’s and St Thomas’;

The app has an annual subscription of £3.99, however I promise you this will be the best £3.99 you spend! (Even my boyfriend & mum have both bought the app for their own reference). It’s safe to say the app was a complete game changer for me;

When I first started the diet I was still bloating quite regularly and couldn’t work out why. I was trying so hard and just seemed to be getting nowhere.

The main part of the app that changed everything for me is how it allows you to scan the barcode of foods, and will then provide you with confirmation for if the food is lowfodmap (suitable)/ highfodmap (not suitable) or if the food/drink is to be consumed in moderation (it even provides you with the quantity to which is suitable!).

When scanning products that aren’t suitable, the app provides you with the ingredients which contain highfodmaps. I was starting to realise that just because some breads where gluten free, they’re still not deemed suitable whilst doing the fodmap diet due to hidden ingredients! This was the same with gluten free biscuits/cereals and many other products! On the other hand I was also surprised with some of the products I wasn’t allowing myself to have, but were actually suitable.

Not only does the app allow you to scan foods, but it also allows you to type foods in the search bar which will provide you with different types of foods you can have in this category (and where to buy them from! i.e. Asda). When you’re craving a certain type of food, and don’t want to search for hours I can’t stress how handy it actually is! It’s a real life saver. For my birthday I really fancied ginger cake, I typed this into the app and found options in Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose! I went for the Morrison’s free from ginger cake slices, they did not disappoint!

Overall this app has saved me hours from searching online, looking through books and stressing trying to work out if what I’m eating, or about to eat is suitable or not.

Does anyone else know of fodmap apps they would recommend?

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