Eating Out

I am a massive foodie, 90% of the time I follow a strict healthy regime to fit in with my fitness goals. However, this does also mean that I allow myself ‘cheat’ days, ‘refeeds’, and when this happens I like to venture out and get another restaurant ticked off my personal ‘restaurant list’ (see link below for my restaurant list which is continuously growing).

Being on the lowfodmap diet can make this a lot more challenging, due to the certain foods you should restrict. The main one I find challenging is the no onion no garlic.

How do I deal with this?

Don’t be embarrassed to call beforehand. Any restaurant I book now I always call beforehand to find out if they cater for intolerances. I also advise that my intolerances are specifically onion and garlic (as these are the most challenging). I have found that more and more restaurants are able to amend certain dishes and cater for you. When I arrive at the restaurant I also speak to the waiter serving me to remind them of my intolerances.

If possible I tend to stay away from chain restaurants, the main reason for this is due to them pre marinating foods, and batch making beforehand i.e. salads will already contain onion.

If I get invited out to eat (this could be pre-booked for a special occasion) I also ensure I call beforehand and advise of my intolerances. I use to get really anxious and embarrassed about this, but most restaurants are happy to help which makes you feel more at ease.

I also look at the menu before visiting, and chose dishes I know could be easily amended. I try to stay away from dishes covered in gravy and sauces, as these are usually made from a type of stock, which most of the time contain onion and garlic in.

Overall my number one advice would be do not be ashamed to ask, and make people aware!

Restaurant List

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